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Robbinsdale High School Class of 1964



A Robin's Nostalgic Song, a poem by Brad Anderson, our senior class president.


We asked Brad to share some memories with us at the reunion.  The following is the poem he wrote and delivered at the Reunion---Enjoy!!



A Robin’s Nostalgic Song

We are the Robins,

Of old Robbinsdale,

So lean in here closely

I’ll tell you our tale


Outstanding athletics,

Academics were super.

When we finally left,

They opened up Cooper.


Football and hockey,

And caravan buses,

Girls wearing loafers,

Their hair teased-up fusses.


Greasers and Baldies,

Our own AV Dorkies,

If you want to be cool,

Then be seen at Porky’s.


Cruising down Lake Street,

It’s fun for some.

Late Parking on Sunset,

Until the cops come.


Lunch ladies, lamb-burgers,

Hamburger gravy,

Homeroom and Pepfests

And sock hops are crazy


Four minutes for passing,

So rush to your class.

Look out, its detention,

Without a hall pass.


Our music was simple,

Just give it a chance.

It’s all about lyrics,

And rhythms to dance.


The Lettermen, Trashmen,

But our favorite group,

Was always the Beach Boys

And Little Deuce Coupe.


A fight in the hallways,

And Milo comes running.

Quick break it up,

‘Cuz we’re only funning.


Smoke in the bathrooms,

Vice Principal’s tension.

Someone will soon get

A one-week suspension.


Olsons and Bensons,

The Knockenmus twins,

Germans, Norwegians,

And even some Finns.


I need grades for college.

Get down on my knees,

I got Young for English,

And he only gives C’s.


Miesbauer, Luebke,

Most were quite civil.

Whatever happened

To shop’s Mr. Wivell?


Spurrier is Econ,

Calc from Van Loon.

And young Mrs. Georgas,

Boy’s hearts would swoon.


Cathy Jo Condon,

Success in her time.

And then there’s the other guy,

Just playing with rhyme.


Romeo, Juliet,

And Fiorello,

Staring Thom Davis

An interesting fellow.


Ebert and Lewcock,

Clare, Lois and Jim,


All looking trim.


In football it’s Nerdahl, Hill,

Ditter and the Moose,

Svendson and Shaughnessy,

Let’s spring Cutlan Loose.


Bing is the point guard,

Sometimes two centers.

One’s always Obie,

Then bring in Jim Sentyrz.


BJ at one wing,

No one plays finer.

Jim C at center,

We can’t beat Ediner.


Our wrestlers are always

The top of the state.

We love coach Grygelko.

He makes us feel great.


Cheerleaders Carolyn,

A Pam and two Sues,

Sandy, Jill Duffy,

Our teams seldom lose.


Y Teens and High Y,

And Pep Club for spirit.

Some are in Chess Club

But I don’t go near it.


Adams is Choir

Mendenhall Band,

Robinaires dancing,

Let’s give them a hand.


Burkes is for pizza,

The Clock is for burgers,

Robin Nest drive-in,

With guys as the servers.


Homecoming Princesses,

Queen Diane is fancy.

For Winter Fest royalty,

It’s Frosty and Nancy.


I’m now thick in the waistline,

And thin on the top,

But signals from Rick,

Says it’s now time to stop.


So thanks to our planners:

Engens and Rick,

Howes and Rodines,

You sure did the trick.


Hargarten, Storie,

And Palms by the three,

Donna and Dave,

It’s all right by me.


So back to your classmates,

And laugh until tears,

Let’s all get together,

Again in five years.














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Well , I finally bought a house in sunny Arizona . The winters are tuff at are age. No more snowmobiling , ice fishing, and freezing your ass off
How many of my class mates of 1964 have done this ?

To see photos of Lee Avenue School go to Wayne Gorian and Tom Dressel.

Just want you to know that someone did a fantastic job with this website. I felt like I was as close to the reunion as being there. I could even follow through all the other listings with no problem. I've heard from friends and just reading about the others has been interesting. Thanks so much! Glad to hear there will be a 50th so I still have a chance to go to one. Thanks again to whoever did this wonderful job.
Cindy Olson Lilligren